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Volume 2
Roastin the Coast
$1000 Roast Battle submission form



3 comedy roast tournaments, 3 locations on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and 16 comedians battling out for a cash prize of $1000. Each tournament will take place at a different location with a total of 8 comedians per tournament on an elimination bracket. Each tournament will feature 2 comics from each state of the Gulf Coast (Florida, Alabama, Misssissippi, Louisiana) 

   The first and second rounds of the first tournament will begin with pairings of comics from each respective state. (Mississippi vs Mississippi, Alabama vs Alabama, etc) Winners from the first rounds of each respective roast immediately qualify as contestants representing their state for the finals tournament. 

The first round winners from Volume 1 are: Rachelle Lopez, Matt Johnson, Nick Brackett, and Olivia Searcy. Olivia was Overall

Champion of the first round and will thus have her pick of placement in the finals.

First Tournament:       Juke Joint June 1 COMPLETED

Second Tournament: Biloxi Visitors Center July 5

   First round winners will immediately advance to the finals representing their state. The  overall winners of the first two tournaments will recieve $150 and first pick of who they battle via coin toss with the second tournament champion.

Florida comic 1         __>1st round winner
Florida comic 2
                                                        ----  2nd round winner 
Alabama comic 1       __>1st round winner 
Alabama comic 2
Mississippi comic 1    __>1st round winner 
Mississippi comic 2
                                                         ---- 2nd round  winner
Louisiana comic 1      __>1st  round winner 
Louisiana comic 2

The First tournament champion should be in attendance for the second tournament as they will coin toss at the end of this tournament to pick who they will battle first in the third and final tournament

Third Tournament: Mary Okeefe Cultural Center August 10
   The first round winners from the first two tournaments will battle it out with the 2 champions getting their pick of who they battle in this final.

Each battle will begin with the host establishing who goes first through coin toss. The roast will be a back and forth with 1 roast per turn and three roasts total from each comic in a battle. (so prepare three roasts) Host will mediate too much time spent on a joke.  (no more than 15 seconds per roast)

Krangus will lead the judges panel behind the comics on stage. Each tournament will consist of two judges (Krangus, and guest judge) with the third vote going to the crowd I judges disagree, and the audience is a tie, round will go to sudden death.


Submission form

Fill this out to be reviewed for your shot at Roasting the Coast and its $1000 cash prize. Remember, You can choose the initial show you're on but if you win you MUST be available for the finals on August 10 at the Mary Okeefe Cultural Center!

Thanks for submitting!

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